Hotaru and Naoki

Client : Personal Request

Due Date : May 13th 2018

The job is to make characters design for two original character named Hotaru and Naoki. Their character briefs are:

Hotaru is what you would expect from a student who serve as a school librarian. She is the main reason why the school library always look tidy and all book sorted nicely though nobody really cares about it except Naoki, her boyfriend. Her timid and quite personality made her didnt really stand out at the class leave alone at school. Naoki always said that she has an incredible starry eyes and always succwesfully made her face blushes beautifully
Naoki, the 19 year old Sport Maniac who joined the college swimming club recently and make all the girls coming to see the club’s activity thanks to his beauty. He is quite man with some thrusting stares on his red eyes for those who are not prepared. Some might said that he is cold, unfriendly, and hard to approach but his friends know it is totally not true. Naoki spent some of his free time hangout with friends though he would prefer to stay at library for hours.